Russian online The Method Makes The Difference

welcome Привет!

My name is Anna and I invite you to learn Russian language online

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Welcome Привет!

My name is Anna and I invite you to learn Russian language online.

Do you know what that says? It says HELLO! It is pronounced ‘PRE-VEE-YET’

I know what you are thinking - “Hey, that doesn’t look like PRE-VEE-YET to me!! As a matter of fact, I don’t know WHAT that looks like!" Your journey of learning Russian online has begun! Don't worry, the Russian alphabet is not as different as you may think. Many of the letters look and sound exactly the same as those you already know and the others you will learn and understand very quickly. read more

Learning Russian is as easy as A B C

A - Download Skype - It's FREE!

Skype is the revolutionary voice over IP system that allows you to talk to anyone in the world - for FREE! You will use Skype to talk with me at my home. The sound quality over a high speed Internet connection is close to perfect. Simply go to and follow the simple instructions. I'll send you my own Skype name and we'll be talking to each other in minutes!

B - Get a USB Headset

Most computers already come with a microphone and speakers, so we can get started without it, but a headset will dramatically improve the quality of both of our voices. You can go to any electronics or office store and get a headset to plug into your computer.

C - Record Lessons On Skype

One lesson. 100 Listens. The beauty of using Skype is that all of your Russian lessons can be recorded using simple software that is available for both PC and Mac. Once you record your lessons, you can listen to them again and again - in your car or on your iPod. With constant repetition, your Russian language skills will develop faster than you can possibly imagine.

The teacher

Anna Morgunenko ILove Teaching Russian online!

Hello, dear fans of Russian language! Nice to meet you!

I was born on June 3, 1977, in beautiful Kiev, Ukraine, but I currently live in Pavlograd. As you can see from my education below, foreign languages have always been my passion. With the Internet and the new voice over IP technologies such as Skype, language instruction has never been easier or faster. I can provide you with one-on-one or group instruction in Russian and I also provide translation services in Russian, English or Ukrainian. read more

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  • Anna's lessons are concise and her teaching method is extremely effective. It is obvious that she has put much thought into her style and method. She teaches this relatively difficult language in a way that is both encouraging and non-condescending. She is able to work with the student's natural talents to strengthen weak areas. I find our classes very useful.

    Evan from Utah
  • After graduating with a four year degree in Russian and starting work full-time, I have searched for a realistic way to keep up my Russian speaking skills. Since I started studying with Mrs. Morgunenko several months ago, I have not only maintained my Russian language skills but have actually experienced constant improvement in my fluency. I'm sure I've spoken more Russian with Anna in the past few months than I did in my entire four years of college.

    David from Michigan
  • Anna is always on time for lessons, has an agenda and stays focused on what you need to learn. She also follows up with text instruction for the next lesson. She uses the latest technology VoIP software, Skype with Plantronics DSP 500 headset so voice/sound quality is excellent. Also, she uses Window XP and Office XP software so it is easy to transfer documents. I give her very high marks and an "Excellent Teacher" recommendation

    Mert from Dallas
  • If you are a beginner like me, Anna really puts together a nice plan and works with you every step of the way. Very clear and concise. She makes learning russian a great experience! Thanks Anna!

    Troy from Minnesota
  • After completing a short course in conversational Russian at a local college, I continued studying independently using language tapes. I soon realized however, that I would never achieve true conversational proficiency without finding a way to practice speaking the language on a regular basis. When I discovered Anna’s online instruction service, I had great hopes that this would be the solution to my problem. I have not been disappointed! Anna is an excellent teacher. She is completely fluent in English, so I have no trouble understanding her explanations.

    Robert from the USA
  • I have been learning Russian with Anna for about one year now. The most important thing for me is that she keeps appointments on time or emails me enough in advance that I can change my schedule. I can tell that she has a curriculum to follow but is flexible enough to answer other questions as they come up. I am a beginner but I believe Anna can help anyone learn to speak, read, and understand Russian language and grammar.

    Kelley from Alabama
  • As an English speaker, it seems essential to work with a native Russian speaker to really grasp the details of conversational Russian. I always enjoy the lessons which proceed at my own pace and I can ask questions when they occur to me. I fully expect that reaching a level of comfort with the Russian language will open new professional and personal opportunities for me.

    Dennis from the USA
  • To have Russian lessons in Spain was not easy, the teachers were not prepared and the teaching system was really old-fashioned, everybody told me I needed to invest a lot of time to manage in Russian... with Anna everything was just the opposite, she is really a great teacher, she focus in practice and understanding, she realizes I have not much time available and really we optimize the time we have. Now I am able to manage in Russian Language.

    Luis from Spain
  • Lessons with Anna via Skype proved very effective. Skype provides facilities to speak, write, read and listen. And using Skype is very time efficient in that there is no traveling to and from the lessons. Anna's lessons were well planned and interesting. I recommend them as an excellent, and in many ways better, alternative, to face-to-face lessons.

    Julia from England


Translations: I can do all kinds of translations (including oral using Skype) from Russian into English, from English into Russian. Please, contact me about your translation at: Cell phone: 380 50 922 03 53. I will be happy to help you!!! Here is what my clients think about my translations: "Anna has carried out translations for me both from English to Russian and vice versa for a couple of years now. I am a lawyer practicing in England and she produces work for me very quickly and accurately meeting short deadlines with a minimum of fuss. I have no hesitation in recommending her." Brian from England


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